Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom.

-  Ho Chi Minh

For a long time, much of the world was told that Ho Chi Minh was the "Dark Lord" of communism in Southeast Asia. We feared him and his military juggernaut because we were made to believe that once South Vietnam fell the rest of the region would become communist as well and its citizens oppressed - the infamous "domino theory".

In truth, Ho Chi Minh had only one goal - to free his people from colonialism.

Ho was away from Vietnam for three decades, but upon his return, raised an army of peasants in just 5 years to fight two Vietnam wars. How could a pint-sized man move a nation of farmers to defeat the world's mightiest military?

To historians, Ho was "half-Gandhi", "half-Lenin". To his people he was simply "Uncle Ho".

"Ho Chi Minh: Declassified" is a poignant re-telling of Ho's 50- year struggle to get colonial powers out of his country and establish an independent and united Vietnam.

To be produced as a two-hour docu-drama, this film examines the life and character of Ho Chi Minh from age 17 when the seeds of anti-colonialism were first planted until his death in 1969.We find out what made this son of a scholar unflinchingly devote his entire life to his people and his nation.

You can kill ten of our men for every one we kill of yours. But even at those odds, you will lose and we will win.

-  Ho Chi Minh

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